June 2018

JHS-32-Light - "Innovation determines the future"

JHS-32-Light - "Innovation determines the future"

As an innovative development partner with our own consulting and design know-how, we tested the design of the JHS-32 in order to uncover possible optimization potentials. 

We can proudly say that we have successfully optimized both the manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the design changes led to a weight reduction of nearly 10 kg, which means an increase in the sustainability of the used raw materials at the same time. The system interfaces and the load capacity of the components are maintained in the usual quality. So we could make our product even more attractive for you as our customer.


  • Brake hydraulically applied
  • Braking forcet: 680kN
  • Working pressure p (max.): 200bar
  • Piston diameter: 120mm
  • Special epoxy resin pads with GFK carrier plate
  • Drain ports for hydraulic oil leakage, prevents oil on brake disc, high safety
  • min./ max. working temperature: -40/ +60 °C
  • Weight: 175kg (~10kg reduced)
  • Drain port: 1/4"
  • Oil leakage port: 1/4"

  • Complete piped supports for one more caliper
  • Hydraulic power unit
  • Brake pad with different material
  • Brake pad wear indicator